I have very sensitive teeth and my last dentist continually caused me pain by spraying cold water directly into my exposed root even though I told them OVER and OVER again about my sensitive teeth. I finally gave up on them, and I went in search of a new dentist. This dentist is very conveniently near my work and they are super NICE! The dentist will do a hand scaling of my teeth instead of that stupid water thing and the dental assistant will let me swish water around my mouth after the polishing instead of spraying directly on exposed NERVES. Their facility is modern, very clean and as comfortable as a dentist office can be. They give you shades to wear during your appointment to protect you from their overhead light. I’ve never had to wait, their appointments are exactly on time – and they are just all around nice people. I still hate the dentist but at least I don’t have to worry about jumping 50 feet into the air during my appointments anymore

Elizabeth M.Sacramento